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Bodywarmer Thermal Hoop 380


If you are always cold and can't seem to ever get warm the Thermal Hoop will warm you up in minutes and keep you warm for hours. Slip it over your head and choose how warm you want to be. Try the Thermal Hoop for 30 days. And if it does not keep you warm, return it for a full refund.
Many original Bodywarmer owners enjoyed their warmer for over 4 years.
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When a heavy coat doesn't keep you warm enough, Thermal Hoop will safely deliver over 110 degrees close to your body where it's needed most.
Customer Review
This unit is great for dog walking , snow removing, winter walks, or any two hour or shorter winter activities.
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How does Thermal Hoop 380 work?

Thermal Hoop Bodywarmer draws its power from an Li- Ion rechargeable battery placed in an in-built pouch inside Thermal Hoop 380. It has three temperature settings: Blue for moderately warm, White for warmer, and Red for warmest.

To make your Thermal Hoop 380 work, follow the instructions carefully:

  • Press and hold the controller for a few seconds; the controller will turn on to red.
  • If you desire a lower temperature, press the controller to white.
  • If you desire the lowest temperature, press once again to blue.
  • Press and hold to turn your Thermal Hoop off.

Is Thermal Hoop 380 Safe?

Thermal Hoop 380 exceeds OSHA standards and boosts employee safety at your workplace by preventing cold related fatigue. Perfect for warehouse, construction, postal employees, security, police and more.

What is battery run time of Thermal Hoop 380?

The battery on Thermal Hoop 380 lasts for approx. 2 hours on red temp. setting; 3 to 3 ½ hours on the white setting; and approx. 4 to 4 ½ hours on the blue temp. setting on a single charge.

Is the battery in Thermal Hoop 380 chargeable?

Yes, the battery in Thermal Hoop 380 will turn green to indicate a full charge upon charging.

Girl with Thermal Hoop on sidewalk

Thermal Hoop Bodywarmer Original

Price $39.95


  • Protects against cold damp and wet weather.
  • Provides hours of soothing, therapeutic heat directly to the body.
  • Durable moisture and water resistant fabric.
  • Resist stains and cleans easily with a warm soapy cloth.
  • Great as an indoor heat source.
  • Enjoy winter activities or just warm up anytime you are cold.
  • Fits into a pocket, handbag, backpack or carryall.
  • Eliminates the need for a heavy coat when traveling.
  • Thermal Hoop has been doctor tested and found to be a good healthcare
    accessory for maintaining metabolic health and core body temperature.


  • Lightweight easy to connect Li-Ion battery.
  • No external wiring or need for battery pouch.
  • Battery pouch made into the Hoop for convenience.
  • Small lightweight charger with charge indicator.
  • Stain resistant fabric cleans with a warm soapy cloth.
  • Fits into a pocket, handbag, backpack or carryall.
  • The battery will accept 500 charges and discharges.