Thermal Hoop – Work Safe

B2B Prices are available upon request. Phone us at (667) 205-1036

Thermal Hoop – Work Safe

Price $59.95 for those wanting to purchase 1 or 2 units. B2B is for large quantities.

The Thermal Hoop Work Safe Unit will help you to maximize your productivity. Let’s face it once the chill reaches your body you are done! Stay outside longer, deliver more results, by keeping warm with the Thermal Hoop.

You’re trying to work and you’ve got too many layers on. Drop the bulk, which makes it harder for you to move. Enjoy more freedom of movement with less layers and the Thermal Hoop.

On patrol while the cold of winter pierces your defenses? Next time you are on patrol, bring the extra warmth of the Thermal Hoop.

Thermal Hoop exceeds OSHA standards and will boost employee safety at the company by preventing cold related fatigue. Perfect for warehouse, construction, postal employees, security police and more.

Baker Products, Co. offers B2B pricing for the Work Safe Thermal Hoop unit. Please contact us for favorable pricing. Baker Products, Co. has many heated garments to chose from or can design a unit around your employees needs usually at no cost to you.

Many original Bodywarmer purchasers enjoyed their warmer for over 4 years.

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